How a little helium went a long way

By Dick Loizeaux

You are loved.


It’s a simple phrase. A simple phrase that carried a lot of weight. 


Recently, 15 church planters had the opportunity to show the Chicago neighborhood of Wrigleyville a lot of love.


I  had the opportunity to observe from a distance as these planters walked up to complete strangers to hand them a balloon and give them a card from Missio Dei. 


I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. I guess I would have been a little cynical if some stranger wanted to give me a balloon.


Boy was I wrong.


When offered a balloon Men’s, Women’s and Children’s faces lit up.  We looked at them and simply said “Hey, we just wanted to show Chicago they are loved.”


Maybe it’s because of the increased shootings in the city or the striking Chicago teachers, but there was an overall feeling that this city needed to be loved.


The planters went above and beyond just handing the balloon and cards by stopping, talking, and laughing with the people around them.


This overflowing of love to strangers challenged me, encouraged me, and allowed me to love others more. 


I know that when we talk about Generosity our focus seems to only talk about finances. But I personally like to look at this day as a great example of relational generosity. It was a chance for people to step outside themselves and give more of themselves to complete strangers.


As you walk through your day, think about what a little bit of relational generosity can do in your community.

Check out the Converge MidAmerica facebook page for more pictures from the event! 


Dick Loizeaux