A Note About our Minister's Assistance Program

Pastor's Families Matter to Us!

When our daughter was 16 years old a friend of hers who attended her youth group and whose family attended our church tragically took her own life.  Even though it has been 6 years those memories are still painfully close for our family.   

As you could imagine our daughter struggled deeply with this painful loss and as parents we wrestled in how to comfort and nurture her during this confusing time.  We realized that she needed more help than we could give at that time.  She needed someone to talk with who was not personally affected by this loss. She needed a little more care and counsel than mom and dad could give at that point. 

So we turned to Converge MidAmerica's MAP program (Minister's Assistance Program).  MAP was started by Rev. Bernard Tanis for the purpose of providing a safe place for pastors and their families to go when they need help, council and care.

Our daughter started meeting with one of our MAP Counselors who specialized in working with adolescents.  She met with her on a regular basis for several months working through many issues with prayer and wise counsel.  As a mom, what joy filled my heart as I watched my daughter start to heal, grow in the Lord and bounce back to her old self. 

Because we so strongly believe in this program and have experienced its benefits personally, Gary and I give a gift every year to fund MAP.  

May I ask you to prayerfully join us in giving a generous gift to support this much needed program?  Over 55 pastors, pastors' wives or family members have used this program this year.  One participant wrote a note saying, "This was a huge blessing!"    

Your generous gift will directly bless a pastor's family as they get the help they need to keep on ministering to the people God has called them to serve.

Today our daughter is 22 years old and is just finishing her first semester at Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology where she is pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a desire to minister to adolescents and college age students.

Your special gift towards the MAP program is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. Give Now


Mary Rohrmayer
Director of Ministries to Ministry Wives 

P.S. This story was shared with the permission and gratefulness of our daughter Kallie.



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