Greater Things are Yet to Come

By: Norm Byers

Jesus once told His twelve disciples these words, "Greater things are yet to come" (John 14:12). This bold prediction came after numerous miraculous healings, feedings, and amazing teaching events. Can you imagine it, "We have been a part of some incredible experiences and adventures, but more is possible. Greater impact is still to come!"

We have thought about this recently at Genesis Church: three church plants, dozens of adult baptisms, leaders raised and sent out. Some neat impact, but "Greater things are yet to come."

Through Converge, God has touched the state of Michigan with 11 church plants over the past three years and several more in the works. Fantastic work for Jesus, but waht is possible in the future?

"Greater things are yet to come" is an invitation. The LORD is inviting us to be courageous and to take faith steps for a greater impact. Our biggest faith steps need to be in front of us instead of behind us.

I am grateful for your prayers and investment into church planting. Let me leave you with this question: what new faith steps does the LORD have for you now?

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