10 Signs You Need to Call an Interim Pastor

By Dick Loizeaux

(adapted from Lavern Brown on pastors.com)

1. The pastor is leaving after a lengthy tenure (7 years) and is deeply bonded to the congregation.

2. The church has a history of changing pastors every few years

3. The pastor leaves under duress: he is forced out, quits in frustration, or experiences moral failure

4. The church’s leaders are divided over core issues or burned out

5. There is not enough church staff or volunteers to keep all the ministries running strong

6. It is primarily a “commuter church” which affects participation, loyalty, and community affiliation

7. Attendance has plateaued or is declining

8. The church faces significant financial challenges

9. There are significant unresolved conflicts affecting the health of the church

10. There is a sense the church is under spiritual attack, and is not winning


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