Converge MidAmerica Welcomes The Church

By Dan Reece

In 2008 my daughter came home to visit. Over dinner she started thinking and finally asked: “Dad, you were a supervisor for thirty-five years. You’ve worked at Subaru. You’ve now retired twice. What are you going to do now?” I paused for a moment and very matter of fact, stated “I’m going to be a pastor.” That’s when I decided to answer a calling that I had been unsure about for several months. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

My wife, Diana, and I were saved in the mid ‘70’s. We got involved in a church and helped teach youth and children’s ministries. As we grew, we started searching for another church. For years we searched. Then in 2003 we found a small congregation with no church building. We grew with them and eventually found a building. Shortly after is when I realized the Lord had something more in store for my family, friends, and I.

We spoke with another Christian couple we are very close with, and the husband had also said he felt he was being called to be a Pastor as well. We were ordained by my son’s church in Illinois, as General Baptist. Their church helped with our bills to get us through the first few years. Together we started our church in a small hotel conference room with less than ten people every Sunday. We didn’t care; we were doing what the Lord wanted us to do.

A few years later we had finally grown to twenty people. We found a small storefront for rent. We put up a few walls, painted, and our old church donated the chairs and our baptismal. We had a real church! Slowly we grew and grew! Twenty-five, then thirty-five members. As a congregation we decided to
become non-denominational.

We organized a worship team, elders, and a board. After two years we outgrew our first building. The business we were renting from worked with us and helped us find another, larger, building.

We have now merged with another congregation and have over 80 members! We now have teachers for toddlers and school age children. We have a youth program, Bible study, fellowships, men’s mentoring, women’s ministry and all sorts of activities and ways for members to get involved.

One of our members has also taken classes and has been certified by as a counselor. We offer pre-marital counseling, couples counseling, and individual counseling. Just a few weeks ago, we also were able to rent the building behind our church to use as classrooms!

We call ourselves a hospital church.  Our symbol is a red cross because we help show our new members how much God loves them and how he can heal their hearts and ours. We make sure they understand they are welcome without judgement or persecution. We are firm believers that God meets you where you are, so we have Christians from all walks of life, baby Christians and mature Christians. Our original members and I have been blown away by how blessed we have been with our new members and their dedication
to Christ.

So why would we want to join Converge MidAmerica?

Simple, we needed help getting things organized legally and spiritually, as well as accountability for
our leadership.

We needed training and support. Sometimes just being able to talk to someone on the phone and bounce ideas off of them and hearing their opinion helps us here God's voice a little better and our own a
little less.

And resources, WOW anything and everything to help you grow to teach your leaders how to and why.

Workshops on church health, help for pastor’s wives and all kinds of ministries.


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