Two Months In- Update from Casa de Oracion

By Abram Delgado

Greetings  from Casa de Oracion.  We hope God’s blessings abound over you. I would like to share how God has been working during these first 2 months since we launched our first service. 

The first service was a great celebration, with the support of different churches and brothers and sisters in Christ from other places.  This brought forth a beautiful worship from our team, and a word of challenge to our newborn church.  And to top it off, we had a delicious meal…it was an
exciting beginning.

The following week really showed us the amount of people engaged with our church plant.  This group ranges from 60 to 80 people each Sunday.  During the week we have different small groups in homes and are exploring ways in which we can connect with the city for programs such as English language classes or helping with The Chapel's food pantry.

We finally finished settling in the office space we are renting in Round Lake Beach where we are having weekly meetings, counseling, music practice, etc.  This has given us the feeling of having a presence in our community and letting others know about us.

As I mentioned before, we are exploring different ways in which we can connect with the community of Round Lake. In May, we had our Mother’s Day celebration and had over 140 people, including kids.  Following the good Hispanic tradition, we had a mariachi band and grilled Arrachera steaks outside.  The men of the church showed that they too know how to cook and sing.  This was an outreach event for new families and almost half of the families were visiting a Christian church for the first time. 

I am very grateful to God for all that He is doing in our midst.  I know that we are only starting, so I ask that you keep praying for Casa de Oracion, especially for these areas:

 - For me as a pastor, that I can have the discernment and wisdom to know God’s direction for this new church, also that, in the future we can form the advisory team of the church and that God can give us grace before our community to connect and reach families. 

-  For our financial support.  We have raised 53% of our support and we keep working and believing that God is Sovereign and he can provide in abundance. 

- That the heart of Casa de Oracion keeps burning strong in passion towards our God and love towards many that do not know Him.

Finally, I thank you one more time for your support and for understanding that this is not a matter of race, or of a single local church, but of God’s kingdom on earth.  That God may keep using us in a great way.


Abram Delgado



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