Our Antioch Moment

Our Antioch Moment.  Every church and missions organization will come to a moment where they need divine direction for the next steps to be in the center of God’s advancing mission.

In Acts 13:1-3 we see the leaders of the church in Antioch gathering for worship prayer and a season of fasting as they sought God’s answer to the question, "Lord what is our next step?" For them it was to release their beloved mentor and coach Barnabas and his protégé named Saul to a missional advance that would change the course of history. 

For 165 years Converge MidAmerica has been advancing the gospel and has had many Antioch Moments.  In 1999 Converge MidAmerica pastors and churches signed a Millennial Resolution, which resolved:

“We affirm that the churches of the Converge MidAmerica energized by the Holy Spirit, are charged to exert every effort to evangelize the communities of our district.  This will be accomplished by an aggressive plan of church renewal and extensive church planting that will establish new churches in every identifiable segment of our district.  The members of these new churches will confess Christ as Savior, will be baptized by immersion and will be committed to the great commandment and the great commission.”   

Then again in 2011 the leaders of these newly planted churches brought forth a Missional Resolution that was affirmed and accepted by the pastors and leaders of Converge MidAmerica.

“We, the pastors and leaders of Converge MidAmerica declare our radical commitment to centrality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  First, in working it out in our lives! Second, in the proclamation of the Good News to our generation!  Third, to serve the poor and the rich, the marginalized and the mainstream in our cities who are far from Christ!  Fourth, to lead our churches to be transformational agents in our Jerusalem, Samaria, Judea and to the ends of the earth!”

These unifying resolutions set the stage spiritually for the unprecedented growth and expansion of Converge MidAmerica from 86 churches in four states to 225 churches in eight states.

We are embarking on another Antioch Moment in seeking God’s divine direction and empowerment for the next ten years.  This will lead to the evangelistic growth of every church, the empowerment of every leader and the multiplication of our churches through our region.

In preparation for our Biennial Gathering: Connect 2017 (October 26-27) we will be hosting several PrayerFirst Pastors Gatherings throughout our region for the purpose of seeking God’s leading and favor for every pastor, church and community in our region.  

Pastors join us as we worship, pray and fast together just as Barnabas, Simeon Lucius, Manaen, and Saul did in seeking their Antioch Moment.

Dates and Locations:

August 2nd Western Suburbs and Lake County
August 9th Chicago, IL
August 16th Indianapolis, IN
August 17th St. Louis, MO
August 23rd Peoria, IL
September 12th Tustin, MI
September 13th Detroit, MI