Creating a Culture of Leaders

By Lee Stephenson  |  Executive Director of Converge Church Planting

Where do I find high-capacity leaders? That’s a question and challenge any leader of an organization has asked. When it comes to leadership, you can’t recruit high-level leaders without first developing a culture to do so.

Finding, empowering and reproducing leaders is critical to the success and health of any organization. In the church world, our “Kingdom growth” is greatly impacted by the number of leaders we raise up and send out.

Therefore, we must work tirelessly to recruit more leaders and we accomplish that by having a culture that lends itself to multiplying leaders. So how do we develop that type of culture? What does it look like? How does it function?

Here are eight ways to have a multiplying culture of leaders:

Prioritize the Vision

It’s almost impossible to convince people to buy into something you don’t believe in. As a leader, you have to be the first to believe that multiplying leaders is of value and worth elevating to an organizational priority.

Lead Intentionally

For this to work, multiplication must be a part of an organization’s overall strategy. Leaders must be taught and empowered to raise up other leaders with the intention of replacing themselves.

Don’t Wait

This is an easy area to put on hold until the need presents itself. Don’t wait until you have a hole to fill. Begin raising up leaders before you actually need them, this way, you’ll never lose momentum if a gap arises. Cultures that effectively multiply leaders never wait until they actually need them.

Invest in Becoming a Better Leader

It’s very difficult to take new leaders where the current leaders haven’t been or aren’t willing to go. Don’t even try it.

Foster Humility

Leaders must not be afraid that new leaders could potentially lead better than them. When leaders allow people to shine under their leadership, it advances their overall ability to lead. The good news is today’s generation likes honesty. They will gladly follow a leader they feel they can trust.

Pay Attention to Your Environment

Leaders never fully develop under a dictator. If people are afraid to answer a question under the current leadership for fear of being wrong, they are less likely to try and answer. As a result, the real leaders will disappear quickly in environments that are too controlling–or where it’s not safe to share and try new ideas.


The best quality people are almost always personally recruited. Look how Jesus recruited—even with a coming betrayal. Find tainted leaders and ask them to join you.

Lead for Life

Many leaders find their greatest growth when they are leading others onshore in leadership responsibility. Walk alongside potential leaders knowing that part of their maturity will be developed while leading others.

This blog first appeared on Harvest Consulting.

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