Get to Know One of the Newest Churches to Affiliate with Converge: Calvary Baptist

By Laura Anderson  |  Director of Marketing

When Calvary Baptist Church opened its doors in July of 1946, the church didn’t even have doors. In fact, they were meeting outside in a tent. 

Calvary Baptist Church started in Taylorville, IL in 1946 as a tent revival and has been growing ever since. After their initial revival weekend, the Calvary congregation continued to meet in a local cafe, until they purchased property a year later. Today they have a congregation of over 300 and are still expanding, as they recently purchased an additional 18-acre property where they are planning to add a community engagement building.

One of the biggest outreach events that Calvary hosts every year is their community trunk-or-treat. People from around town come to Calvary for a time of free food, games and lots of candy. In a community of 12,000 people, over 2,000 attend this annual event!

Calvary is pastored by Steve Switzer, who has been leading the church since 2010. At the moment, Pastor Switzer’s main focus is re-establishing a process of discipleship and small groups. He believes that by strengthening the people in the church, they will be able to reach others outside the church.

As Pastor Switzer began to hear about Converge from other pastors, he became excited by the opportunity to come alongside other churches and grow stronger together. He is looking forward to the energy of church planting and strengthening because these two points of focus are right where Calvary wants to be. He hopes to see the church grow stronger and support more local church plants through this Converge partnership.

Bryan Moak, Vice President of Church Strengthening, said, “I am so excited to welcome Calvary to the Converge family. I have so enjoyed getting to know Pastor Switzer and seeing all the things God is doing at the church. We are better because of Calvary Baptist Church!”

Welcome, Calvary, into the Converge MidAmerica family!