Living by Faith at Cornerstone Church

By Rev. Michael Eberly  |  Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church, Lansing, IL

Last August, a couple in our church asked the Lord to place an amount on their heart that they should pledge to Vision 20/20. They regularly tithed and knew that this gift was to be sacrificial — above and beyond their normal giving back to the Lord.

This couple lives very modestly and, between them, works three jobs to pay the bills. Yet without a doubt, they felt the Lord calling them to give one year’s salary from each of their part-time jobs.

This amounted to a total of $28,000 solely for Vision 20/20, while maintaining their regular 10% tithe on those same paychecks. On paper, it couldn’t be done. Adding up the bills, their regular tithe and this new monthly pledge, there just wasn’t enough money to make ends meet. How can anyone give such a large portion of their paycheck to the church and not live off their savings — of which there was little?

Yet, seven months into their pledge, the bills were still being paid without tapping into their savings and the couple saw no change in their lifestyle. Eight months in, God did another astonishing thing: an unforeseen and completely unexpected $20,000 inheritance came their way. Amazed, the couple quietly put the amount into their bank account and joyously gave a 10% tithe on that gift. The following month, another $11,000 was paid from this inheritance, which they again tithed on. If you do the math, that’s $3,000 more than they pledged in August, and yet provided them with another $3,100 they could give back to the Lord.

A financial planner would tell this couple that it’s foolish to give away such a large amount of money to one organization. It’s foolish to give away the money you need to live on each month.

This couple would tell you it’s foolish to think you can’t trust God with your daily life. It’s foolish to think you can ever out-give God. It’s foolish not to live by faith!