Get to Know One of the Newest Churches to Affiliate with Converge: Faith Community Church

By Laura Anderson  |  Director of Marketing

In the midst of Itasca, Illinois, a predominantly white community, sits the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Faith Community Church.

The church was started in 2014 by Pastor Darryl Jenkins and his wife, LaDawne, when they felt the spirit of God leading them to start a church plant. Pastor Jenkins has been in pastoral ministry since 1991 and was pastoring in Chicago before God called him to plant a church in Itasca.

Faith Community Church was founded on four main pillars:

  1. Being a discipling community (Matthew 28:18-20)

  2. Being a learning community (2 Timothy 2:2)

  3. Being a transforming community (Romans 12:1-2)

  4. Being a missional community (Acts 1:8)

As a young church, Faith Community felt that it was essential to align their mission, vision and goals with Converge because they want to strengthen the church body by coming alongside other churches, both short term and long term. They are intentional about approaching the right vision—as seen by their four pillars—but they wanted to be able to do it alongside other churches.

Pastor Jenkins wants this partnership with Converge to be one of evangelism with a missional mindfulness. He wants to assess how to stronger evangelize and outreach to the community and envisions planting other churches in the long run. With regards to Faith Community’s strides to be the church outside of the church walls, Pastor Jenkins doesn’t want to become traditional or stale in his approaches and is excited to learn about innovative ideas from other leaders.

With joining Converge, Pastor Jenkins is excited to bring his church into a larger community that is inspired by diversity, inclusion and equity. He hopes to engage in a dialogue about these topics with others in the Converge family. Faith Community Church was built on diversity and they appreciate the fact that the community of Converge churches shares these values.

In the short time that Faith Community Church has been connected with Converge MidAmerica, Pastor Jenkins has enjoyed meeting and connecting with everyone on the team. His father passed away earlier this year, and he said that “to receive prayers and cards made me feel right away that we were connecting to a family.”

Welcome to the family, Faith Community Church. We’re glad you’re here!