Polish Outreach at Jackson Creek Fellowship

By Laura Anderson  |  Director of Marketing

At Jackson Creek Fellowship Church in Monee, IL, there has been an uptick of multiculturalism. One weekend, a Polish family at the church asked the pastors if they could hold a Polish Bible study. The pastors agreed and then didn’t give it a second thought. But as it turns out, this Bible study was much more than they originally anticipated.

In order to help lead this outreach event, a Polish pastor actually flew to the United States from Poland. Over 100 Polish people from the local community came for the evening Bible study on Saturday, September 29th, and nine returned to church the next morning to get baptized. And after that, five of them have continued attending Jackson Creek and are now a part of the church family.

The Sunday of the baptisms aligned perfectly with the launch of Jackson Creek’s week-long missions conference. Throughout the week, the church emphasized the missions work that is being done around the world. They highlighted places such as Burkina Faso and Thailand and celebrated the work of medical missionaries. In response, the church ended up giving a $63,000 faith promise commitment entirely to missions!

This is just one of the many miracles Jackson Creek has experienced recently. After going through a church merger in May, they sold off the property within 30 days. And after starting an A/B loan through Converge Cornerstone Fund, they miraculously paid off their B Loan within a month. And the Lord continues to bring new people in attendance each week, as evidenced by the amazing turnout of the Polish Bible study and the people turned towards Christ because of it.

Praise God for the work He is doing at Jackson Creek Fellowship Church!