Get to Know One of the Newest Churches to Affiliate with Converge: Emmanuel Myanmar Christian Church

Emmanuel Myanmar Christian Church is a Burmese church in Moline, IL that primarily consists of refugees from Burma who came to the U.S. between 2008 and today. This group of refugees originally started attending Calvary Harvest Church together in 2010, but not knowing much English, many of them struggled to understand the word of God in a non-native language. After a year of attending this church, the Burmese people decided to start a church in their own native language.

In 2012, they all gathered together in a garage and started a new Burmese church under the name Grace Myanmar Christian Church. They all worshipped God together, but since they came from many different denominations, there were some deeply-rooted theological issues. The church was a combination of Burmese people from all different Christian backgrounds, including Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc. So after a while, those who believed in the Trinity decided to separate and form their own church: Emmanuel Myanmar Christian Church.

Emmanuel started on May 18th, 2014, and today has around 80 people in attendance each Sunday. They don’t have their own building but share the space of Bethany Baptist Church in Moline, IL. The pastor of Bethany, Jerry Schrick, has been supporting them spiritually and guiding them in how to run their church.

The former pastor of Emmanuel recently moved to another state, so they have been in the process of searching for a new pastor. The Lord graciously led them to connect with a minister in Houston who will become their pastor this coming January. In the meantime, Emmanuel has had guest ministers each Sunday from both the U.S. and Burma, while the elders are running the church.

As Emmanuel is growing as a church, Pastor Jerry Schrick has been an invaluable resource to them. The elders at Emmanuel meet with Pastor Jerry every two weeks to learn more about church development. He taught them how to have a constitution and bylaws and how to become a legal church in the United States. When they asked Pastor Jerry about the details of how Bethany is running, he explained to them about Converge. They were excited about the potential to join a network of like-minded churches and their board unanimously agreed to join Converge.

We are so happy to have Emmanuel Myanmar Christian Church as part of the Converge MidAmerica family!