What is Explore God Chicago 2019?

Explore God Chicago is an outreach initiative that is uniting churches in preaching a sermon series starting January 2019 on the 7 biggest questions everyone is asking about God and starting discussion groups where church members invite their unchurched friends and neighbors to discuss these big questions. Churches can choose to just offfer the group(s) or just preach the sermon series or do both.  Each pastor creates the message in their own style. All the resources for...

The Gospel of Christ Among Least Reached Metropolitan Regions of South America

By Lee Bloch

In the world today, there are 7,000 plus people-groups that are considered unreached by the Gospel. That translates into more than 3 billion people waiting for an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Missionaries have been in South America for more than a hundred years; yet there are hundreds of unreached people groups and thousands of the least reached communities with a Christian population of less than 5%.  

A majority of these UPG’s are indigenous...

Churches Strengthening Churches

My name is Keith Brich. My wife Lynda and I have been married just over twenty years, and we have two children, Savannah (17), and Meredith (14). Raised in Omaha, we have been missionaries in a very small town in rural Nebraska. But sensing God calling us out of the mission field, he brought us to Mattoon about a year ago to serve Providence Church.

I have always had a heart for missions, and our church had a desire to reach out beyond our walls. With that in mind, we...

Learn About Harbor Grand & Marina Grand Resorts for The Pastors and Wives Retreat

October 22–24, 2018 will be here before we know it. Now is the time to register and ensure a spot at the 2018 Pastors & Wives Retreat.  The retreat will be at the luxurious Harbor Grand & Marina Grand Resorts in New Buffalo, Michigan - a full-service waterfront resort on the New Buffalo harbor. It is located 70 miles from Chicago and within walking distance of a stunning Lake Michigan beach, unique shops and local restaurants.

Guest Rooms


What does it mean to Adopt a Church Planter?

By Danny Parmelee  |  Vice President of Church Planting

Since taking on my role a little over a year ago, I've been saying, "I believe every healthy church can play a role in church planting." I've found that many churches don't think they can be part of church planting because their misconception is that you need oodles of money and a large congregation to participate. If you have money and/or...

Pastors and Wives Retreat – Getting to Know Your Speaker

By Sasha Playter

As many of you know, Converge will be holding its next Pastors and Wives Retreat this upcoming October 22-24.  This year’s speaker will be Pastor James Ford Jr., known as the “Love Doctor.”  A graduate of Moody Bible Institute and the author of When a Man Loves a Woman, When a Woman Loves a Man, and 7 Reasons Why God Created Marriage, Pastor Ford is passionate about...

Building a Church of Prayer

Pastor Dee Duke wrote, "Maintaining the prayer mission of our church is like boiling water. You have to keep the heat on all the time. Once you take the heat off, it stops.  A lot of persuading has to take place, and leadership must be committed to building a church of prayer."

One of my convictions is that I just don’t want to be known as a movement of churches but I want be known as a movement of prayer - a group of people who...

What Does it Take to be a Church Planter?

By Danny Parmelee  |  Vice President of Church Planting

One of the reasons that Converge has such a high success rate in church planting is because they recognize that not everyone is wired to be a church planter. Over the years, and through much experience, Converge has developed one of the most robust assessment processes in church planting. Many denominations have now even followed our process as a template....

Scott Wilson Promotion Ceremony

Senior Pastor Scott Wilson of Bethel Baptist Church in Galesburg, IL is also Chaplain in the IL Air National Guard and recently was promoted to Major during a promotion ceremony at Bethel on Wednesday May 2, 2018. Bethel Baptist Church has been very supportive of his military service and nearly 200 people attended his ceremony.

Please join us in congratulating Pastor Scott.  We thank him for his service to the Lord and our country.  

The Importance of a Regular Check Up

By Bryan Moak | Vice President of Church Strengthening

I’m 50 years old now, and that age is a trigger for some rather unpleasant medical procedures. I am NOT looking forward to it. So why am I going to go though all of this if I feel fine? I do it because I want to make sure that I’m ACTUALLY fine. Doing preventative medicine helps me to deal with any issues that might come up before it gets too serious. In fact, I just heard a story of a woman who was given a serious...


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