3 Simple Reminders When Planning Easter Services

By Danny Parmelee  |  Vice President of Church Planting

Easter is just around the corner. While you’ve probably already planned most things out, I want to remind you of three things that may seem obvious, but sometimes get forgotten.

  1. Don’t forget Jesus rose from the dead.  You’re astonished at my brilliance aren’t you?   Churches can work hard putting together Easter egg...

Developing an Evangelistic Culture in your Church


In this Whiteboard Leadership training video, Converge president Scott Ridout begins a series focused on developing an evangelistic culture in your church. In this segment, Scott centers on the preparation of the souls in your congregation, creating motivation in the hearts of the people in your congregation and being a model in the midst of your congregation.


Prayer First Weekends & Testimony

By Bryan Moak  |  Vice President of Church Strengthening

When I started my new role with Converge MidAmerica last March, I was excited that there was a real desire to see the temperature of prayer increase throughout our region. I had been blessed to work with Converge for years with their prayer ministry, and served in two churches that were passionate for prayer, so this really resonated with me. So, in the Spring of 2017 we started the Prayer First initiative...

21 Days of Prayer Pastor Prayer Call

By Bryan Moak  |  Vice President of Church Strengthening

One of my favorite books of all time is The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence. In that book, Brother Lawrence says, “That we should establish ourselves in a sense of GOD’s Presence, by continually conversing with Him. That it was a shameful thing to quit His conversation, to think of trifles and fooleries.”  As we begin 2018 I...

3 New Church Planters from AR to IL

By Danny Parmelee  |  Vice President of Church Planting

Josh & Shelli Robertson 

Our passion with City Church Little Rock is helping people discover security, stability and significance by building a family that finds joy and purpose in everyday things through the Good News of Jesus. We are launching missional...

Everything By Prayer

When City Hope Bible Church in St. Louis accepted the challenge to pray dangerously, Pastor Al Palmer knew it wasn’t going to be easy. “For so many years we’d been so busy doing ministry,” says Palmer, “but prayer wasn’t a priority.” In fact, he says prayer was too often a last resort. But people grew weary of programs; they were ready to do life God’s way. And God’s way means putting prayer first.

So, in October, City Hope embarked on 21 Days of Prayer. Using 21 Dangerous Prayers by...

Church Finance 101

Do you know the 2 keys for raising money in the local church?

The first key to raising money in a church setting is vision. The ability to consistently cast a clear and compelling vision is directly proportionate to your capacity to raise funds. The second key to raising money is integrity. The ability to establish trust with the congregation that the funds received are tracked and spent in alignment with the vision.

The Church Finance 101 Seminar is designed to address the integrity piece of the equation.

Can I encourage you to attend and bring your finance team,...

How Does Fasting Strengthen Our Prayers?

By Gary Rohrmayer

Strengthening our prayer life through fasting is one of the ways that helps us align our lives and our churches in what God is doing around us.

There are several biblical reasons why one should engage in a personal fast. One of those is to strengthen our prayer life.

Ezra says that the people of God, "...fasted and petitioned God…" (Ezra 8:23) to overcome the challenges that they were facing. Nehemiah testifies to...

Why Should I Call My Church to a Corporate Fast?

As we embark on a new ministry year, all of us will be seeking a unique breakthrough whether personal, corporate as a church or regional as a movement. God's people have been seeking spiritual breakthrough for generations through the practice of prayer and fasting. Some examples are Moses, David, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Paul and Barnabas just to name of few. Yet our supreme example is our Savior. He set the example by fasting for 40...

400 Strong Churches

Gary Rohrmayer - President & Executive Minister

Forty years ago, at the 121st Annual Meeting for Converge MidAmerica, the leaders at the time wrote these words:

“It would seem feasible and desirable to project our faith to the extent of 200 churches by the year 2000. This projection can be a reality if current budgets are met, and if there is a constant flow of resources from new churches entering our fellowship....


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