NCD Complete Package

The Natural Church Development survey is a tool for assessing the health of the church in eight specific areas that have been shown through studies to have a strong correlation to church growth. While the focus of this survey is on church health, strengthening the least healthy aspects of church life can often lead to numerical growth. 

This survey is designed to be used as an annual health check-up for our district churches. Converge MidAmerica uses the survey as an integral part of our annual church health campaign and believes it to be a valuable tool for our churches.

Our "Complete Package" includes the following elements:

1.  The NCD Basic Survey. 30 questionnaires and a Pastor's form. The report you will receive is a detailed analysis that breaks down member responses on a question-by-question basis and graphs them according to national norms.
2.  The NCD Insights report which provides you with sub-category results relating to each quality characteristic.  Each category represents a number of NCD Survey questions that have been grouped together and identified on the basis of statistical research.
3.  The NCD Plus which provides the answers to each specific question so you can drill deeper and better understand your minimum factor.
4.  Four one-hour telephone coaching sessions with one of our other Certified NCD Consultants to guide you in interpreting your scores and developing an initial game for addressing your weakest ministry system.

The coaching appointments will cover:
1) Interpreting the Survey Results 
2) Developing a Written Action Plan 
3) Following Up on Implementation 
4) Measuring Effectives


Order Your NCD Complete Package from Converge MidAmerica by contacting Katie at the Converge MidAmerica Office -

Standard Pricing:
$1,000.00 Retail value
$800.00 (non Converge MidAmerica Member Churches)
$400.00 (Converge MidAmerica Member Churches)*

*We don't ever want finances to prevent you from participating in the NCD journey. NCD Scholarships are available for MidAmerica churches that cannot afford the full cost of the NCD Complete Package. You may communicate your interest in a scholarship when contacting Katie at the Converge MidAmerica office. 

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