We are dependent on partner churches

Converge MidAmerica is here to assist your church with all aspects of ministry employment. From finding a position as a pastor, to ordination, to working with your pastoral search committee, we are here for our churches with years of experience. Please contact our office if you have any questions, or check the topics on the left for immediate resources.

What others are saying:

When in need of a search for a senior pastor, we contacted Converge Mid-America and asked for their input/insight.  We really had no idea as to the initial process of a search of this magnitude and the Converge MidAmerica team sorted through approximately 200 resumes and then referred a very workable amount to us, for further consideration.  And the process worked well as we hired one of the candidates from the pool of six that were submitted by Converge.  What a time saving effort they provided along with their expertise and we feel we ended up with the perfect fit to lead our church forward for Christ for many years to come.  We could have probably completed the task of a pastoral job search, but we would still be swimming with 200 resumes!

Rick Welty, Chairman of Search Committee
Bethel Baptist Church, Galesburg, IL 


The leadership of CrossPoint Church made a very wise decision when Converge Mid-America was hired to oversee the search for a new Senior Pastor.  From start to finish they were there to lend support and wisdom in any aspect of the process.  We really appreciated the fact that they emphasized they would not be involved in the actual hiring process, but only to present us with qualified candidates for us to consider.  The time we saved as they previewed 175 resumes for us was invaluable. 

Dan Baright, Elder Chairman
CrossPoint Church, Ingleside, IL


Our new pastor has been with us now for 3 months and we could not be happier.  We are so thankful for you and your staff and the assistance you provided Homewood Church in this search.  Having your team handle the initial stages of the search allowed our search team to spend many hours in prayer and Bible study preparing for the selection process.  Once you completed the narrowing process to a handful of men our team was prepared to function together in discerning God's will for our next pastor.  This has been a memorable experience and we so appreciate your assistance and guidance.

Wayne Sisk, Elder Chairman
Homewood Church, Homewood, IL


In February 2009, we at Elim Baptist Church, a 110 year old congregation on Chicago’s Southwest side, made the decision to restart which included finding a new pastor... and asked for assistance from Converge MidAmerica

Finding the right pastor took several months, but in the meantime we received valuable coaching that helped us deal with issues from our past and develop strategies for evangelizing the communities surrounding our church. 

In October, 2009 Converge MidAmerica referred to us Stephen Puett and the congregation affirmed him as our new pastor. When he came, the congregation was down to 35 people. On March 7, 2010, 172 people were in attendance for the Grand Opening, and we officially became CrossWinds Church.

Jim Schoerner, Elder
CrossWinds Church, Chicago, IL