Pastoral Search Services

Transitions can be scary, emotional, and hard on a congregation and its leaders. But they can also be filled with celebrations and opportunities. Celebrations of God’s goodness and provision in the past, as well as opportunities to grasp a fresh vision for the future.

At Converge MidAmerica we believe that the local church is God’s primary vehicle for spiritual vitality and redemptive activity in the world (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 3:10). In light of this conviction, it is our desire to walk alongside churches and assist them in reaching their full redemptive potential.

One of the ways we do this is by providing assistance during pastoral transition. This could come through coaching a pastor and his leadership team through a succession plan as well as executing a comprehensive search for the next pastor to lead your church.

Pastor Placement Process (P3) brings our acquired knowledge and experience, into a step-by-step process delivered through a simple, yet comprehensive, online guide. Churches and candidates answer the same in-depth questions to explore who they are and thoroughly describe their beliefs and preferences, each forming a comprehensive profile.

There are many services today that offer quantity. Their services can generate 50 or 100 or more resumes sent directly to an inbox, leaving a search team to manually sift through potential candidates to find the gem. Instead of pouring over unclear and dissimilar resumes trying to compare information, teams are guided in evaluating detailed information and analyzing candidates that have taken the same types of assessments. Promising candidates discovered outside of the P3 can be merged in for consistent comparison.

The Converge P3 process is differentP3 focuses on finding the one right pastor for your church. By merging three dimensions, the Art, the Science and the Process, P3explores opportunities as your team seeks God to reveal the pastor He has planned for you. 

If you are a pastor looking for your next position, please proceed directly to the P3 website to start the application process. If you are a church looking to determine your next steps during a pastoral transition, please reach out to Bryan Moak, Vice President of Church Strengthening. 847.692.4125

Contact Kate Nelson for more information on the P3 Pastoral Placement Process. 847.692.4125 x 310

What others are saying about our services:

"The leadership of CrossPoint Church Ingleside, IL. made a very wise decision when Converge Mid-America was hired to oversee the search for a new Senior Pastor.  From start to finish they were there to lend support and wisdom in any aspect of the process.  We really appreciated the fact that they emphasized they would  not be involved in the actual hiring process, but only to present us with qualified candidates for us to consider.  The time we saved as they previewed 175 resumes for us was invaluable." 

Dan Baright
Elder Chairman
CrossPoint Church
Ingleside, IL 

When in need of a search for a senior pastor, we contacted Converge Mid-America and asked for their input/insight. We really had no idea as to the initial process of a search of this magnitude and the Converge MidAmerica team sorted through approximately 200 resumes and then referred a very workable amount to us, for further consideration. And the process worked well as we hired one of the candidates from the pool of six that were submitted by Converge.  What a time-saving effort they provided along with their expertise and we feel we ended up with the perfect fit to lead our church forward for Christ for many years to come. We could have probably completed the task of a pastoral job search, but we would still be swimming with 200 resumes.”

Rick Welty
Chairman of the Search Team
Bethel Baptist Church 
Galesburg, IL  

"Our new pastor has been with us now for 3 months and we could not be happier.  We are so thankful for you and your staff and the assistance you provided Homewood Church in this search.  Having your team handle the initial stages of the search allowed our search team to spend many hours in prayer and Bible study preparing for the selection process.  Once you completed the narrowing process to a handful of men our team was prepared to function together in discerning God's will for our next pastor.  This has been a memorable experience and we so appreciate your assistance and guidance."

Wayne Sisk
Elder Chairman
Homewood Church
Homewood, IL