Book Review

THE LEADERSHIP LABYRINTH: Negotiating the Paradoxes of Ministry

By Jim Lacy

Occasionally a ministry book falls into our hands that really stretches our thinking and causes us to evaluate if we are effectively doing ministry.  We should read, and give attention, to such writings.

Judson Edwards is pastor of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas, and authored six previous books before writing THE LEADERSHIP LABYRINTH.

As the subtitle indicates, this...

Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer & Life in Christ by J. Todd Billings

Book Review by John Ramer, Pastor of Gracepointe Church, Mundelein, Illinois

The first phone call came when my parents were visiting as Melissa and I were joyously celebrating our anniversary. My younger brother Steve’s soft-spoken voice, even softer than usual, saying: “John, I’ve been diagnosed with the rarest adult cancer, soft tissue sarcoma.” Joy suddenly fled like a startled bird as a huge cloud enveloped my...

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