Church Growth

Converge MidAmerica Welcomes The Church

By Dan Reece

In 2008 my daughter came home to visit. Over dinner she started thinking and finally asked: “Dad, you were a supervisor for thirty-five years. You’ve worked at Subaru. You’ve now retired twice. What are you going to do now?” I paused for a moment and very matter of fact, stated “I’m going to be a pastor.” That’s when I decided to answer a calling that I had been unsure about for several...

The Epidemic of Church Attenders Attending Less Frequently

By Dick Loizeaux

Pastors all over the Midwest complain to me that their average attendance is declining because long time attenders are attending less frequently. Even core members are seen less often than they used to be. People who attended every week now come 3 out of 4. People who used to attend half of the time now come 1 out of 4. Sunday is no longer “The Lord’s Day.” Sunday is now “Funday...

Is Your Church a Front Porch or a Backyard Patio?

By Dick Loizeaux

In the town where I grew up, there is a section of leafy streets lined with stately houses built in the late 1800s. Most of these grand old houses have one thing in common: a large front porch, sometimes wrapping around two or three sides of the house, furnished with wicker chairs, sofas or even a loveseat swinging from the porch rafters. 

In years gone by, those front...

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