Church Health Training

3 Benefits of Taking the Natural Church Development Survey

By Gary Rohrmayer

May is “Church Health Month” around here at Converge MidAmerica.  It is a season in our calendar where we encourage churches to take a close look at both the quality and the quantity of their church’s ministry through taking the Natural Church Development Survey.  Here are a few quick reasons for you and your church to embrace this church health process.

1)    It...

Taking Threats to Church Health Seriously

By Dick Loizeaux

Contrary to many of the seminars you and I have attended, we all know that the church is more than just sermons, strategies and systems. It is a living thing with a beating heart. Our church a “body” and like every body it is susceptible to infections that make it sick. Our church a “family” and like any family it probably has dysfunctional behaviors that affect everyone in the family system. Our...

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