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Bringing the Gospel to Music City

By Allison Hurtado

Preston Sharpe moved to East Nashville from his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2013. It wasn’t to meet the many celebrities who live there, or even run into Taylor Swift at coffee shops -- it was to plant a church.  

“When my wife and I moved from Tulsa it was a complete pioneer church plant deal,” Sharpe said. “We only knew one couple here when we arrived.” 


Empowering New Leaders

By Tim Beavis

I took our worship director out to breakfast a couple   of weeks back on a Saturday morning.  The place that we went is still pretty new but is developing a good reputation, although I have to say it wasn’t enhanced by our experience on this particular day.  As we sat at our booth I found myself distracted by what was going on in the restaurant.  The reason why I was distracted was that I noticed that the guy...

The Missing Ingredient of Leadership Development

By Gary Rohrmayer

Jesus did not tell us to “go make leaders” but he did tell us to “go make disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20).  If your church does not have a strong spiritual formation plan it will have a weak leadership development plan.  Not every disciple will be a leader but every leader must be a growing disciple reproducing the life of Christ in others. 

Leaders who are not growing disciples are simply...

A New Paradigm for Leadership in Our Churches

By Tim Beavis

“It’s great that you are talking about developing leaders, and we definitely need to do it in our church, but where do I find them?”  I get asked that question every time I teach about building leaders.  It’s a good question but to answer it requires that we take a step back and consider our theology.  Do you believe that God has already given to your church every resource that you need to do what he is...

The Imitation Game

By Dick Loizeaux

When it comes to leadership development I confess there were times when I became so concerned with methodology, technique and curriculum, the latest seminar or latest book, that I neglected the most important part of leadership development. Not instruction  
but imitation.

We learned it as children: “Monkey see, monkey do.”
We learned it from our parents: “You can...

Welcome Pastor Armand Collins, Elim Baptist Church in Detroit

By Gary Rohrmayer

Converge MidAmerica and Elim Baptist Church welcomes Pastor Armand Collins.  He was the former Associate Minister of the Church of the Abundant Life in Southfield, MI and is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. 

He and his wife Stephanie have been married for 10 years and have 3 children.  Pastor Collins received his spiritual foundation at Trinity...

THE LEADERSHIP LABYRINTH: Negotiating the Paradoxes of Ministry

By Jim Lacy

Occasionally a ministry book falls into our hands that really stretches our thinking and causes us to evaluate if we are effectively doing ministry.  We should read, and give attention, to such writings.

Judson Edwards is pastor of Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas, and authored six previous books before writing THE LEADERSHIP LABYRINTH.

As the subtitle indicates, this...

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