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Reaching the Campus of Western Michigan University

By Norm Byers

An area wide ministry to college students with it's epicenter at Western Michigan University is in full swing.  Northbridge Church of Kalamazoo (Ray Brandon) recently launched Northbridge University Church or UChurch for short as an extension of Northbridge’s Sunday services for students on campus.   

UChurch says up front exactly what they are… a church ministry and sets itself apart...

Implementing "Real Time" Church Health Assessment

By Dick Loizeaux

An annual church health assessment is important. But is it enough? Not by a long shot.

I track my exercise and diet between annual physicals so I don’t have to tell my wife I got a bad doctor's report. I pay attention to the health of my marriage between my anniversary dates so my anniversary will not be spent dealing with a long list of disappointments. I try to give staff performance...

Ryan Huguley - In the Room Podcasts

By Gary Rohrmayer

I have known Pastor Ryan Huguley of Redemption Bible Church in Arlington Heights for several years now.  First as an associate pastor, church planter and now a vital partner with Converge MidAmerica.  He is an avid and thoughtful blogger and now in the last year he has launched a great podcast called “...

David and Goliath: Are We Teaching the Wrong Lesson

By Dick Loizeaux

A few years ago when I was in Israel, we drove to the Valley of Elah where David battled with Goliath. People wanted to get off the tour bus and collect pebbles to commemorate the battle. A Moody pastor turned to me and whispered: “Those pebbles aren’t really from here. So many tourists take pebbles that the Israeli Board of Tourism sends a truck down to the coast at night to haul in more...

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