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Hispanic Ministry Christmas Gathering

By Gary Rohrmayer

On December 1, 2012 our district had the first official Hispanic Ministry Gathering. We had a wonderful time of worship, prayer, fellowship, vision casting and (of course) food. We covered the new direction of our Hispanic Ministry and the things we feel God is calling us to accomplish in the coming year:

1. Church planting 

2. Being light in a world that is desperate for hope 
3. Quarterly trainings for leadership development during 2013 
4. The new yearly Women’s Conference
Carlos Herrera (Hispanic Ministry...

John Stott on One Quiet Day a Month

By Dick Loizeaux

John. R. W. Stott, who died in 2011, was Rector of All Souls Church in London for 25 years, wrote 50 books, was a leader of the evangelical movement, and was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. How did he maintain spiritual and emotional balance through 5 decades of a demanding church and international ministry? He explains his...

I Did What I Said I Would Never Do

Prior to planting a church, I worked in an established church for 13 years. As those 13 years progressed, I had a very clear list in my head of things I would want to take to a new church and things I would never do again.

Since being a lead pastor, God has made a few edits to that list. For instance, I used to set up chairs for an assembly once each quarter.  As a result of these labors, I...

FirstSteps for Planting a Missional Church Seminar in Moscow

By: Mark Albrecht
NorthBridge Church 

Seven years ago, NorthBridge entered into a sister church relationship with New Paradigm (Paradigma) Church in Moscow.  New Paradigm is a growing dynamic community comprised mostly of young adults meeting right in the heart of Moscow.  The church was planted by two Russian pastors along with an American missionary worker.

This young church has nearly outgrown its facility.  They are unable to add another worship service in it current location, nor is there a larger facility option in close...

Spiritual Warfare
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Argentinean leader Ed Silvoso said, "The Church in the West today presents too easy a target for Satan. We do not believe we are at war. We do not know where the battleground is located...

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