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Raising Your Evangelistic Temperature

By Gary Rohrmayer

If a leader is going to raise the evangelistic temperature of their church they will first need to understand the three spheres of outreach:

  • Level 1: These are people who know the pastor and the name of the new church.  This is accomplished through networking and the personal ministry of the pastor and their family.  The key concept here is...

Lessons in the First Year

By Chris Highfill

Grace River Church launched February 2015, and in the past year our team has had to learn a lot.  We give all the credit to God for the success we have had and look forward to what is ahead because we know the best is yet to come.  Here are some lessons we learned in the first year of our church plant. 

Listen to experts.  No one on our leadership team had previously...

5 Reasons Why People Are Not Giving To Your Church

By Gary Rohrmayer

It is a fairly common statistic that 80% of funding for your ministry comes from 20% of the people in your church. Though some experts are seeing the trend move to 90/10 ratio in giving. The startling statistic for me is that the rest of the funding comes from only 30% of the congregation.  Revealing that 50% of the people who call your church their home church and receive spiritual...

Preventing Pastoral Burnout

By Dick Loizeaux

Recently I had a heart attack on the side of a mountain 1000 miles away from home. It came as a surprise since I didn’t have high blood pressure or a cholesterol problem. But it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Later, when I talked to the doctor, we identified clear symptoms of coronary heart disease as early as 7 months before the attack. See, I knew something wasn’t quite right but was too busy...

Three Strategies of Outreach

By Gary Rohrmayer 

Last month we helped leaders understand the spheres of outreach that exists within their community. Today we are going to move from understanding to implementation. If we, as leaders, are going to create a system that will stimulate evangelistic activity throughout the local church then we will have to develop strategies for each sphere within our community. To help us think through the issues I forced...

First Year In - Iglesia Oasis

By Alex Aguilar

On March 22nd, 2015, we had our first service at Iglesia Oasis. In the year since our launch, we have learned so much. We have been amazed to witness God’s work in and through our small team. He led us through territory that was entirely new to all of us. With God’s help, we have learned so much as we have navigated this first year. 

Connect with other churches and...

Grand Opening Grace River Church

Chris Highfill wanted to plant a church in the city of St. Louis. His heart was set on it. Once he passed assessment in Chicago, he knew where he wanted to go. But one thing stood in the way: God's plan.

"I sat down with Gary Rohrmayer and Steve Mizel," Highfill said. "And they basically told me no, you should really consider planting in St. Charles County."

While Highfill may have been thrown off his game, he took their advice and started researching. He found that 360,000 people live in O'Fallon, Missouri, and only 15 percent of them attend a church. That leaves Highfill...

Potholes On The Road To A Generous Church

By Dick Loizeaux

Potholes on The Road To A Generous Church

Have you ever hit a pothole in the road that jarred you uncomfortably? Maybe the pothole was so bad it delayed your arrival, or even damaged your vehicle? Well, sometimes pastors hit potholes on the road to generosity that jar us, delay our arrival, or damage our church.

Not infrequently I hear a discouraged...


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