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27 Thoughts on a Healthy Attitude

By Gary Rohrmayer

1.  Psalm 26:2 - "Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.

2.  Psalm 119:113 - ­"I hate double minded people, but I love your law." 

3.  Proverbs 12:8 - ­"A person is praised according to their prudence, and one with a warped mind is despised.”

4.  ...

Quiet Thoughts for Driven Leaders - Prayer

By Gary Rohrmayer

Prayer! That word to a driven leader evokes feelings of frustration and guilt. Frustration with our ability to slow down and commune with God without one hundred ideas, to do's and leadership issues racing through our minds. Feeling guilty from the sheer lack of prayer in our lives. Every driven leader says, "I know I ought to pray more" and yet struggles with making it a priority. Today let Fenelon's...

A New Paradigm for Leadership in Our Churches

By Tim Beavis

“It’s great that you are talking about developing leaders, and we definitely need to do it in our church, but where do I find them?”  I get asked that question every time I teach about building leaders.  It’s a good question but to answer it requires that we take a step back and consider our theology.  Do you believe that God has already given to your church every resource that you need to do what he is...

The Better Together Formula

By Gary Rohrmayer

So How Can We Be Better Together?

I have been studying and preaching Paul’s prayers for the church. In them we find a great source of vision and encouragement for the church and the greater movement of God. Paul in the midst of his teachings on the strong and weaker brother offered this prayer as a conclusion.

“May the God who gives endurance and...

Why Evangelism Tools Succeed or Fail

By Dick Loizeaux

I have a dinner knife with a bent blade in our silverware drawer. Someone (who shall
remain nameless) tried to use it as a screwdriver. The dinner knife did not remove the screw. The screw damaged the knife. Because dinner knives are not designed to remove screws. 

Pastor’s Tool Time lesson: Using an evangelism tool to accomplish a job it was...

Two Months In- Update from Casa de Oracion

By Abram Delgado

Greetings  from Casa de Oracion.  We hope God’s blessings abound over you. I would like to share how God has been working during these first 2 months since we launched our first service. 

The first service was a great celebration, with the support of different churches and brothers and sisters in Christ from other places.  This brought forth a beautiful worship from our team, and...

The Imitation Game

By Dick Loizeaux

When it comes to leadership development I confess there were times when I became so concerned with methodology, technique and curriculum, the latest seminar or latest book, that I neglected the most important part of leadership development. Not instruction  
but imitation.

We learned it as children: “Monkey see, monkey do.”
We learned it from our parents: “You can...

Recovering the Whole Gospel of Reconciliation

By Dick Loizeaux

“All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.”
(2 Corinthians 5:18)

Just hearing the words gets our hearts pumping to reconcile people to God through Jesus, doesn’t it? That is our calling. We love being ministers of reconciliation for God!

But the Bible doesn’t let our...

3 Benefits of Taking the Natural Church Development Survey

By Gary Rohrmayer

May is “Church Health Month” around here at Converge MidAmerica.  It is a season in our calendar where we encourage churches to take a close look at both the quality and the quantity of their church’s ministry through taking the Natural Church Development Survey.  Here are a few quick reasons for you and your church to embrace this church health process.

1)    It...


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