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Is Your Church a Front Porch or a Backyard Patio?

By Dick Loizeaux

In the town where I grew up, there is a section of leafy streets lined with stately houses built in the late 1800s. Most of these grand old houses have one thing in common: a large front porch, sometimes wrapping around two or three sides of the house, furnished with wicker chairs, sofas or even a loveseat swinging from the porch rafters. 

In years gone by, those front...

Why We Are Losing At Spiritual Formation

By Dick Loizeaux

I just read another one of those depressing surveys that show Christ’s church is failing spectacularly at spiritual formation.  Lifeway Research identified 21 functional characteristics of a disciple.  They then surveyed 2500 Protestant churchgoers and found only 17% received a decent discipleship or spiritual formation score against those 21 characteristics.  You read that right -17%.


What Are You Offering To God As Worship?

By Gary Rohrmayer

In revitalizing our public and corporate worship services we must first seek to awaken our private and personal worship.  One of the liberating and transforming principles in the apostles' teaching is the priesthood of all believers.

Peter writes, “As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him—you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual...

A Blended Family Miracle

By Gary Rohrmayer

In Lagrange, Ohio there was a wedding.  Weddings are pivotal moments in the lives of all families but for a blended family it is often filled with joy, pain and at times even tension.  Todd Cendrosky the stepfather of the bride found himself filled with mixed emotions wondering why after investing 14 years in raising his stepdaughter, he had to sit in the crowd and not walk her down 
the aisle.


Taking Threats to Church Health Seriously

By Dick Loizeaux

Contrary to many of the seminars you and I have attended, we all know that the church is more than just sermons, strategies and systems. It is a living thing with a beating heart. Our church a “body” and like every body it is susceptible to infections that make it sick. Our church a “family” and like any family it probably has dysfunctional behaviors that affect everyone in the family system. Our...

The Robersons: Putting Heart and Soul in Detroit

By Allison Hurtado

Cornelius Roberson wanted to be a Catholic priest, until he shared his chosen career path with his father, who hit him with the news: You are Baptist. Roberson and his wife Marisa laugh about it now from their Detroit home. But a calling is a calling, Marisa says.

The Robersons are Detroit natives. They grew up riding their bikes down the streets and attending church. Cornelius’...

Igniting a Movement of Churches in Illinois

By Allison Hurtado

Russ Shearer says it’s like building a plane in the air. He’s talking about church planting, of course. He started his first church 17 years ago in a small Wisconsin town; he and his wife had been married less than a year.

“It was a challenging, phenomenal experience and we learned who we were and who we weren’t. We were young and figuring out ministry, leadership and life. By God’s grace,...

The Most Dangerous Sentence You Will Hear In Ministry

By Craig Thompson

This article was published on Church Leaders website.  Craig has served as senior pastor of Malvern Hill Baptist Church in Camden, SC for the last seven years. He is married to Angela, and they have two kids, Wyatt and Aubrey. He is awaiting graduation for his Ph.D. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he wrote his dissertation on...

The Missing Ingredient of Leadership Development

By Gary Rohrmayer

Jesus did not tell us to “go make leaders,” but he did tell us to “go make disciples” (Matt. 28:19-20). If your church does not have a strong spiritual formation plan, it will have a weak leadership development plan. Not every disciple will be a leader, but every leader must be a growing disciple reproducing the life of Christ in others.

Leaders who are not growing disciples are simply task managers...

Charting the Course - Ignite 2015

By Paul Urban

On March 23-26, over 30 Michigan Church Planters and spouses gathered at Cornerstone Church in Chandler, Arizona for this year’s Converge Ignite Conference.  It was our largest contingent ever from Michigan!  The theme of Ignite was “Identity” and throughout the conference we were inspired, challenged and encouraged regarding our identity as followers of Christ,...


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