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Is God Calling You to Enter a Spiritual Fast?

By Gary Rohrmayer

This week there was a shakeup at Halas Hall that reverberated throughout the Chicagoland area. The real disturbance was not around the expected dismissals of the Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman and their General Manager Phil Emery, but when Bears chairman George McCaskey shared his mother’s feelings about the team’s performance this year.  The 91 year old team owner Virginia McCaskey (the...

Three Steps to Starting a Spiritual Fast

By Gary Rohrmayer

1. Join with others in your community of faith. Find other believers who will join you in an extended fast and encourage one another daily.

2. Choose your type of fast you will engage in.

  • Full Fast:  Drink liquids only.  Always consult your doctor first before entering into this type fast.
  • Daniel Fast:  Eat only vegetables, fruit, water...

What is Fasting?

By Gary Rohrmayer

Fasting is deliberately abstaining from the normal routines of life for the purposes of spending focus time in prayer and the study of God's word as we seek to align our lives with God’s purposes.

You can abstain from food, entertainment, hobbies, internet or media for the purpose of spending that time in prayer and the study of...

Big Game Party

By Ray Woods

David Middlebrook of Church Law and Tax gave the following advice in one of their articles:

The National Football League has a few requirements that churches and other organizations must follow in order to host a Super Bowl party. These requirements emerged a few years ago, after a dispute arose between the NFL and a large church that wanted to host a party.

As the big game approaches,...

Ryan Huguley - In the Room Podcasts

By Gary Rohrmayer

I have known Pastor Ryan Huguley of Redemption Bible Church in Arlington Heights for several years now.  First as an associate pastor, church planter and now a vital partner with Converge MidAmerica.  He is an avid and thoughtful blogger and now in the last year he has launched a great podcast called “...

Protecting Your Church From Same-Sex Issue Liability

By Dick Loizeaux

The recent Supreme Court ruling has raised many questions and fears about the liability of pastors and churches that will not perform same-sex marriages or use their churches for those purposes.

To help you navigate the legal issues, Converge MidAmerica would like to clarify a few basic answers and direct you to several expert resources. This article should not be considered...

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