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Five Essentials for an Annual Spiritual Growth Plan

By Gary Rohrmayer

Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”  I find this both humorous and sad. Humorous in a pessimistic way but sad in a spiritually shallow way.  WhatAnnual Growth would God's reaction be towards the goals and plans we have set out for our lives?

In order to develop a solid spiritual growth plan we must recognize the essential...

The Church & The Gay Community Event

From Regional Director of Church Planting in Chicago, Josh Taylor

On behalf of the Converge Church Planting Network and Chicago Partnership for Church Planting, I want to invite you to The Church and The Gay Community, a special event for church planters and pastors on Wednesday, November 14th from 10AM-2AM.  

If you're like me, you're thinking long and hard about how to address the issues surrounding homosexuality and same-sex attraction both inside and...

Celebrating Church Planting, Church Health and the Mission of Jesus

By: Gary Rohrmayer

"The Church is to Go, Grow, and Glow," with those words keynote speaker Dr. Michael Henderson brought the house down at the 18th Annual Celebration Banquet. In a packed ballroom of 570 people, we gathered as a region to celebrate everything God is doing through the ministry of Converge MidAmerica.

The Jubilee Baptist Church choir kicked off the event by leading us in a dynamic worship celebration of Jesus our King!


NextSteps is designed for any church leader who embraces the missional lifestyle, and aligns the ideas and tools around building healthy church systems that allows the church to actualize its values and achieve its mission.  The NextSteps Series interprets the research from the Natural Church Development Paradigm by Christian Schwarz in a...

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Climbing The Corporate Ladder Into Church Planting

By Allison Hurtado

Paul Robinson was sitting in a classroom at Kansas State University, listening to a presentation by a Target executive. He and his classmates were confused. As construction/architectural engineering majors, Robinson and his fellow students found it odd a retailer was their speaker. As it turns out, Target has its own in-house team of engineers, and the speaker was one of them. Robinson applied for an...

Church Planters Network Gathering

Please join us in Northern Illinois for an afternoon of insight from Josh Taylor, Pastor of MissioDei Church in Chicago & Regional Director of Church Planting for Converge MidAmerica. 

Thursday, November 8th, 10:00pm - 1:00pm 

Hosted by Faith Church of Grayslake

Sponsored by Northbridge Church & Converge MidAmerica


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