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Why Church Planting? The #1 Reason We are Sold Out to Church Planting!

By Gary Rohrmayer

I am passionate about church planting for a number of reasons:

  • Church Planting is the main vehicle for expressing God’s mission.
  • Church Planting is a key strategy in fulfilling Jesus’ great commission.
  • Church Planting is the most effective means for making disciples.
  • Church Planting is necessary for the transforming of cultures and societies.
  • Church...

Ignite 2016: Take Your Church Viral

By Allison Hurtado

For one last time, 352 people gathered at Ignite. Beginning this April, our church planting gathering will join with Exponential. The 2016 church planting-focused conference event, hosted by Sun Valley Community Church, Gilbert, Arizona, March 1-3, centered on taking churches viral. 

Planting churches is no longer enough–learning how to multiply is the key to success. Heartland Church founding...

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Mark is the lead pastor of New Life Community Church in Chicago, IL. He and his wife Dee have seen New Life grow from a handful of people to over five thousand meeting at fifteen campuses with thirty worhsip services each weekend. Pastor Mark's desire is to see cities everywhere transformed by life-giving communities of faith.

Mark spoke...

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Six Keys for Establishing Rhythm in Your Ministry

By Gary Rohrmayer

Last week I stumbled across several articles on the importance of establishing rhythm and relaxation in the training of horses.  There are some great principles to glean from those who ride and train these powerful animals.  Here are a few:

1.  Rhythm and relaxation work together inseparably.

“Relaxation makes it easier to set rhythm, and rhythm makes it easier to relax.”...


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