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New Hope for Smaller, Older Church

By: Dick Loizeaux

If you are the pastor of a smaller, older, church, you may sometimes feel like a little canoe rocked by the wake of the mega-church powerboats that pass you by. After all, most of the conferences and new books seem to be about planting new churches or merging smaller churches into bigger and better churches. Pastors of smaller churches can feel trapped in the backwaters of ministry. Do you ever feel that way?

Let me be clear: church planting and church merging are great if that is what God has called you to do. I know. I planted a church...

Are We Missing Part of the Gospel?

By Dick Loizeaux

The church in America today has better training and more resources for doing evangelistic outreach than any time in history. We can Break the Missional Code, do Neighborhood Mapping, conduct Prayer Walks, train our people to Just Walk Across The Room, and Share Christ According to Our Personality Style. We can orchestrate missional strategies, attractional events, high–tech marketing, and

The Overlooked Benefits of Tithing

By Dick Loizeaux

If we aren’t careful our Tithing Testimonies can all start to sound the same:

“God met my needs…God grew my heart…God paid back my sacrifice…God honored my prayers”

All good stuff. But the benefits of a lifestyle of tithing can be much bigger than just those. Listen to the article below, excerpted from “Irrational Act” by Rich Karlgaard, Forbes.com,...

Implementing "Real Time" Church Health Assessment

By Dick Loizeaux

An annual church health assessment is important. But is it enough? Not by a long shot.

I track my exercise and diet between annual physicals so I don’t have to tell my wife I got a bad doctor's report. I pay attention to the health of my marriage between my anniversary dates so my anniversary will not be spent dealing with a long list of disappointments. I try to give staff performance...

8 Reasons to Call an Interim Pastor

By Dick Loizeaux

Sometimes when a pastor resigns people say “We have lots of contacts with people who can fill the pulpit. We don’t need an interim pastor. We can’t afford one.”

However, the truth is most churches can’t afford not to utilize an intentional interim pastor. The cost of not using an interim can be very high. Here are just a few:

  1. If your congregation does not properly move through any confusion, grief, or anger surrounding the last pastor’s departure, they may not be healthy enough to conduct an effective pastoral search or to attract a...

Creating a Conflict Resistant Church

By Dick Loizeaux

“Dealing with Conflict” is a hot button topic at every pastoral gathering. Sometimes it can feel like we spend more time fighting to extinguish church conflict than fighting the enemy. Know what I mean? 

So what if we switched our focus from fighting fires to preventing fires? Are there ways we can make our congregations more conflict resistant? Not conflict proof, but conflict resistant? I think...

Protecting Your Church From Same-Sex Issue Liability

By Dick Loizeaux

The recent Supreme Court ruling has raised many questions and fears about the liability of pastors and churches that will not perform same-sex marriages or use their churches for those purposes.

To help you navigate the legal issues, Converge MidAmerica would like to clarify a few basic answers and direct you to several expert resources. This article should not be considered...

10 Signs You Need to Call an Interim Pastor

By Dick Loizeaux

(adapted from Lavern Brown on pastors.com)

1. The pastor is leaving after a lengthy tenure (7 years) and is deeply bonded to the congregation.

2. The church has a history of changing pastors every few years

3. The pastor leaves under duress: he is forced out, quits in frustration, or experiences moral failure

4. The church’s leaders are divided over core issues or burned out

5. There is not enough church staff or...

Confronting Our Excuses For Not Taking Time Off

By Dick Loizeaux

Hi. My name is Dick. I am a recovering ministry workaholic.  My support group is pretty big. It includes most of the pastors I bump into. Maybe you are one of them. 

The sad fact is that we pastors read dozens of books and articles about the importance of building rhythms of rest and renewal into our lives. We agree with the advice. We believe it is God’s will for us. And then...

The Epidemic of Church Attenders Attending Less Frequently

By Dick Loizeaux

Pastors all over the Midwest complain to me that their average attendance is declining because long time attenders are attending less frequently. Even core members are seen less often than they used to be. People who attended every week now come 3 out of 4. People who used to attend half of the time now come 1 out of 4. Sunday is no longer “The Lord’s Day.” Sunday is now “Funday...


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