Fasting: A 30-Day Guide

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When is the last time you entered in to an extended spiritual fast? Fasting is ultimately an expression of humility and dependence on God. Fasting is more about replacing than it is about abstaining. It is about replacing the daily intakes of food, entertainment, and human contact with focused times of prayer. Feeding on large amounts of the Word of God and spiritual listening.

The guide offers practical suggestions on the how to's of fasting and along with 30 daily devotional thoughts for doing an extended spiritual fast.

How to use this ebook?
This ebook is designed to be used in a leadership setting with your church board, church staff, ministry team or even in a small group setting. It can be used in spiritually preparing the church before a capital campaign or major outreach focus. Our prayer is that God will build up the church as they humbly seek God's face through spiritual fasting.