Get Greedy Sermon Series #4 The Opportunity


Trailhead Church in Edwardsville, IL was at an important crossroads of challenge and opportunity in the Fall of 2013. Lead Pastor Steve Mizel said, "The choices we make in this season will have an historic impact on Trailhead's mission to serve its own members, serve for the good of our community, and maximize our investment in in the broader church planting movement. If we are going to rise to the challenge, we need to Get Greedy - greedy for God's glory, his presence, and his joy. Greed for the right things will free us from being enslaved by greed to the wrong things!"

This is the forth in a series of five sermons is a great example of teaching on generosity and giving titled "The Opportunity."

2 Corinthians 8:16-21 

How is God stirring my heart to be involved?
Is my involvement an outgrowth and reflection of my trust in God?
As I pray about this, am I being freed from greed and fear to joy and generosity?