8 Reasons to Call an Interim Pastor

By Dick Loizeaux

Sometimes when a pastor resigns people say “We have lots of contacts with people who can fill the pulpit. We don’t need an interim pastor. We can’t afford one.”

However, the truth is most churches can’t afford not to utilize an intentional interim pastor. The cost of not using an interim can be very high. Here are just a few:

  1. If your congregation does not properly move through any confusion, grief, or anger surrounding the last pastor’s departure, they may not be healthy enough to conduct an effective pastoral search or to attract a...

10 Signs You Need to Call an Interim Pastor

By Dick Loizeaux

(adapted from Lavern Brown on

1. The pastor is leaving after a lengthy tenure (7 years) and is deeply bonded to the congregation.

2. The church has a history of changing pastors every few years

3. The pastor leaves under duress: he is forced out, quits in frustration, or experiences moral failure

4. The church’s leaders are divided over core issues or burned out

5. There is not enough church staff or...

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