Raising Your Evangelistic Temperature

By Gary Rohrmayer

If a leader is going to raise the evangelistic temperature of their church they will first need to understand the three spheres of outreach:

  • Level 1: These are people who know the pastor and the name of the new church.  This is accomplished through networking and the personal ministry of the pastor and their family.  The key concept here is...

Three Strategies of Outreach

By Gary Rohrmayer 

Last month we helped leaders understand the spheres of outreach that exists within their community. Today we are going to move from understanding to implementation. If we, as leaders, are going to create a system that will stimulate evangelistic activity throughout the local church then we will have to develop strategies for each sphere within our community. To help us think through the issues I forced...

From a Hot Dog Stand to a Car Dealership to a Church

By Allison Hurtado

The town of New Buffalo, Michigan, grows from 2000 people year-round to 11,000 during the summer months. For the past 27 years pastor Jeff Dryden has led Sawyer Highlands Church, in another small town just 10 miles away. He saw an opportunity to start an outdoor service in New Buffalo during the summer to reach vacationers from nearby Chicago and Indianapolis. The unique dynamics of the town and...

Two Months In- Update from Casa de Oracion

By Abram Delgado

Greetings  from Casa de Oracion.  We hope God’s blessings abound over you. I would like to share how God has been working during these first 2 months since we launched our first service. 

The first service was a great celebration, with the support of different churches and brothers and sisters in Christ from other places.  This brought forth a beautiful worship from our team, and...

Church Buys Apartment Complex Clubhouse

By Allison Hurtado

Jessy Padilla, along with other Latino believers, planted Casa de Vida, McHenry, Illinois, in 2010. McHenry is a small town and is located 55 miles outside of Chicago. Orchard Church has rented their building to Casa de Vida for the Spanish-speaking services, up until a building opportunity appeared.

Shirley and Nepthali Mullings started helping at Casa de Vida in March 2011, and in...

3 Reasons for Not Giving Up on Easter Outreach

By: Gary Rohrmayer

I have been concerned lately that pastors and church leaders are putting very little evangelistic energy into their Easter Services. Here are a few reasons we are hearing:

  • “All our key people go on vacation at that time.”
  • “We don't want to be an attractional church.”
  • “We are have staffing issues and can’t handle a big workload right now.”
  • “We have not had fruitful Easter Outreaches in the past.”

While all of those things may be true, I believe there are important reasons to consider leveraging Easter as an...


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