Tim Beavis

Empowering New Leaders

By Tim Beavis

I took our worship director out to breakfast a couple   of weeks back on a Saturday morning.  The place that we went is still pretty new but is developing a good reputation, although I have to say it wasn’t enhanced by our experience on this particular day.  As we sat at our booth I found myself distracted by what was going on in the restaurant.  The reason why I was distracted was that I noticed that the guy...

A New Paradigm for Leadership in Our Churches

By Tim Beavis

“It’s great that you are talking about developing leaders, and we definitely need to do it in our church, but where do I find them?”  I get asked that question every time I teach about building leaders.  It’s a good question but to answer it requires that we take a step back and consider our theology.  Do you believe that God has already given to your church every resource that you need to do what he is...

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