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Fuel for Our Ministry: The Pastor's Personal Worship

By Dick Loizeaux

Recently, as I was struggling to keep up with the unrelenting pressures of ministry, I found I was running low on spiritual fuel.

You probably know the feeling. You’re physically tired, emotionally drained,
and your spiritual reserves
are running low.

Since I didn’t have time to either slow down or take a break from ministry I had to resort to “in-flight refueling.”  For me...

Getting Honest About Our Worship Services

By Dick Loizeaux

Question: How many Baptists does it take to change an Order of Worship Service?

Answer: “Change? What do you
mean change?” 

And that is not just a joke. Recently Thom Rainer in Pastors Today (thomrainer.com) revealed his research shows the 3 most fiercely defended church traditions are: worship and music style, order of the worship service, and time of the

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